Digital Data's Kubernetes Managed Services specialize in Open Source Kubernetes, offering a robust and secure container orchestration solution. While adaptable to various Kubernetes products, the primary focus remains on Open Source Kubernetes, addressing security with a zero-trust and security-in-depth approach to mitigate breaches, particularly Kubernetes ransomware attacks. Beyond security, services include enhancing CI/CD pipelines, optimizing in-house products, and containerizing applications. Leveraging Kubernetes benefits like built-in storage, security, and networking, the team ensures even container load distribution and efficient deployment across diverse environments. With a commitment to saving developers time and money, Digital Data's Kubernetes team optimizes processes, provides orchestration control, reduces deployment time, increases scalability, and offers real-time strategy visualization. From Kubernetes RBAC for access control to simplified cluster management and auto-healing features, Digital Data's Managed Services are tailored to meet diverse needs, prioritizing security measures to safeguard critical data and protect against cyber threats in Kubernetes environments.

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