Digital Data provides a managed service to monitor, update, and configure Kubernetes in your environment or any cloud environment. We also help our customers improve their applications and CI/CD pipelines to better meet go to market timelines in a secure way.

Kubernetes Managed Services with Open Source Kubernetes


Digital Data can work with any Kubernetes product including OpenShift, AKS, AWS Kubernetes, Mirantis, GKE, Rancher, but our main focus is on Open Source Kubernetes.

90% of all Kubernetes installs are breached annually. Because of this Digital Data focuses on security by focusing on zero trust and security in depth.

Digital Data also helps customers improve their CI/CD pipelines, improve their in house products, containerize both in house developed applications and COTS applications. As part of this we help customers fully secure their applications.


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Benefits of using Kubernetes?


Here’s how you can be benefitted from Kubernetes.

There are many benefits to using Kubernetes. Kubernetes storage, security, and networking services are built-in to distribute loads between containers evenly, so new containers are launched on different nodes when something goes wrong. Redundancy of multiple containers on the same node won’t be an issue because the container orchestration tool will move containers to a host with a shortage of resources. In addition, Kubernetes architecture provides an efficient application deployment process, so the ability to run containers across various machines or any cloud is done effectively. Our container orchestration tool is powerful in the right hands.


Kubernetes Primary Purpose

DigitalData’s Kubernetes team can help optimize your process, grant container orchestration control, decrease deployment time, increase scalability, strategy visualization in real-time, maintain containers up and running, handle testing and maintenance, and offer a built-in, open-source container orchestration platform. Kubernetes’ primary purpose is to save developers money and time by letting them focus on building features for their applications instead of worrying about ways to implement the functionality of their applications at a steady scale. Leverage the agility of Kubernetes and the power of our expertise to your advantage. Save your team time and money, reduce infrastructural resources, increase scalability, and take testing and maintenance off your hands.

Kubernetes RBAC

Kubernetes RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) allows you to create and manage roles with specific permissions. This can be helpful when you want to give specific users or groups the ability only to perform certain actions on your Kubernetes cluster. For example, you can create roles with specific permissions for reading, writing, creating, and deleting resources. You can also create roles with specific permissions for managing pods, services, and deployments.

Kubernetes Cluster

A cluster is a set of nodes, or servers, that are connected. Kubernetes manage cluster nodes and resources. When you use Kubernetes, you have the option of creating a cluster. A Kubernetes cluster has several benefits. These benefits include simplified cluster management, improved resource utilization, and efficiently meeting your application users’ needs. In addition, Kubernetes also offers several features for cluster management, including the ability to scale and auto-heal clusters as needed. Finally, Kubernetes provides a rich set of APIs that can be used to automate cluster management tasks.

Kubernetes Security


As organizations continue to adopt Kubernetes, they find the deployment straightforward. However, this has led to disregarding protection to be put in place to secure their Kubernetes environments. Along with managed Kubernetes services, Digital Data helps implement security measures to ensure your critical data being moved to Kubernetes environments are safe. The majority of organizations are currently dealing with Kubernetes ransomware attacks. Digital Data’s security protection services will shield your Kubernetes software from unwarranted cyber-attacks.

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