Digital Data Kubernetes Consulting Services helps customers implement and secure Kubernetes on-premise or any cloud platform.

Kubernetes Consulting Services


We work with you from the start of your Kubernetes journey until you are fully operational.  We then have services to help you operate your Kubernetes, keep it secure, and properly deploy your applications.

Our expertise can help you decide which Kubernetes product to use (though we typically suggest Open Source), create a business case, analyze your expected ROI (return on investment), analyze your readiness, create project plans, implement Kubernetes, secure Kubernetes, and then move up the CI/CD pipeline to containerize applications and properly deploy applications.

If you want to do Kubernetes right, please contact us to discuss the benefits of Kubernetes and how we can help you go from 0 to Kubernetes or to improve your current Kubernetes implementations.

Key Features of Kubernetes


If you’re clear about the Kubernetes basics, you might as well start taking advantage of the sophisticated and progressive platform. Here are the key features of Kubernetes:

Global Scale

Kubernetes and Google have the same standards, which helps the platforms run billions of containers weekly. You can make your applications go up but ensure that there's no need for growing an organization's operational team.


Since Kubernetes is an open-source solution, it provides the companies an advantage of public, on-premise, or hybrid cloud infrastructure. This helps the companies to shift the workload to a place that can generate the most result.

Easy load balancing

As Kubernetes provides every container with single DNS names for container sets and individual IP addresses for each container, this makes load balancing a breezy task. Simply put, while on the up, there’s no need for modifications to the application.

Storage management

With Kubernetes, you can automatically increase the storage system as you like. Usually, DevOps proceed with local storage or public cloud providers like AWS or GCP.

Automated binpacking

Kubernetes can automatically put containers according to their priority, user requirements, resource constraints. All of this can be done, & there’s no need to give up on the availability.

Resource prioritization

As Kubernetes has pipelines and automation platform for managing workloads services, it’ll eradicate the constraints and reduce wastes with the help of containers.

Cluster Federation

With Kubernetes cluster federation, the team can address several clusters as a single one that’s managed using a single control plane. The federation allows the clusters to run in different environments and locations to be managed effortlessly. You have control over the availability and resilience of the clusters. You can enable the workloads to be transmitted among the clusters.

With Kubernetes, you can automatically increase the storage system as you like. Usually, DevOps proceed with local storage or public cloud providers like AWS or GCP. However, Kubernetes is well-matched with network storage systems like iSCSI, Ceph, NFS, Flocker, Gluster, or Cinder.

Looking for Kubernetes Consulting Services?


Look no further than Digital Data to help you implement the right Kubernetes strategy for your business.

What is Kubernetes?

As a Google donation and the first project from CNCF (Cloud Native Cloud Foundation), Kubernetes is the fastest growing and most progressive project in history, right after Linux.

At its core, Kubernetes is a container orchestration tool. DevOps engineers primarily use it to automate Linux operations, like scaling, deploying, or monitoring. Also known as K8 or Kube, this Google-developed open-source platform can be applied to run across different clouds and environments. Some cloud systems and environments consume more time and manual configuration than others, so Kubernetes is the company’s top pick to opt for robust container instrumentation.

Why Kubernetes?

What sets Kubernetes apart from the competition is that it can work with multiple containers simultaneously, so engineers can run numerous applications inside several containers instead of running each individually. Simply put, Kubernetes’ primary purpose is to simplify the workload for technical team’s so that the manual process of running a single application at a time can now be running on multiple applications simultaneously and effectively. Kubernetes essentially gets more work done with a shorter configuration process.


Kubernetes Features

Kubernetes in depth is multi-dimensional. Critical features of Kubernetes include global scale, open-source Kubernetes, easy load balancing, easy management for storage, automated bin-packing, resource prioritization, and cluster federation. In addition, this sophisticated and progressive tool can automatically increase the storage system to your preference. In most cases, DevOps work with public cloud providers or local storage like AWS or GCP. But Kubernetes is compatible with other network storage systems, such as iSCSI, Ceph, NFS, Flocker, Gluster, or Cinder. Kubernetes has its benefits with multi-cloud capability, flexibility, portability, and proven and reliable production of Kubernetes deployment. As a result, it is the fastest-growing project in history, falling second to Linux.

Kubernetes Security

As ransomware attacks are rising on Kubernetes software systems, Digital Data offers Kubernetes consulting services to help mitigate security issues. To ensure that your Kubernetes implementation is up to par, it’s crucial to understand how it compares to best practices and norms. This can be difficult to do on your own, which is why many organizations choose to work with a consultant specializing in Kubernetes. By working with a consultant, you can get an unbiased assessment of your current and new setups to identify areas where improvements can be made.

Why DigitalData?

DigitalData is here to provide top-notch quality support and insight for businesses to use Kubernetes and Docker applications to their advantage. Our team is always available to answer questions through our website. Choose the proper organization for the best Kubernetes consultants for efficient infrastructure management and software development. We’re always here to help.

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